Source: 'Adelaide is one of the world's great small cities and an Aussie leader in future liveability', Minister Anthony Albanese MP, The Advertiser, 26 October 2012 "MEN come together in cities in order to live," Aristotle said, "but they remain there in order to ...Read More


The Collaborative City exhibition has been a chance for people to see a cross section and summary of the work that's gone in to the Integrated Design Strategy since funding was first announced in early 2010. Since we opened our ...Read More


Infrastructure is what we call the stuff that powers and supports everyday life. Schools, hospitals, roads and rail, trams and buses, airports and sea ports. But it's also our 'green' infrastructure like our parks and waterways. Increasingly, the cables, routers ...Read More


Churchill said that failing to plan was about planning to fail. Adelaide's 30 Year Plan is about making sure we don't fail to plan for the right sort of growth in to the future. And if the 30 Year Plan is ...Read More

Diversity and Urban Form Redux jez 24-9-12

The Collaborative City exhibition has been open now for just over 48 hours and already there’s a buzz. One of the 5 principles driving the Integrated Design Commission from the start has been to Inform, Engage and Educate on how design can ...Read More


5000+ is a project about city re-design and renewal for Adelaide. And while this is a unique way of thinking about Australia's urban centres, we're not the only ones with this idea. Dublin's PIVOT program parallels our own objectives. So we asked Dublin ...Read More

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Debate about cities often lurches from the overly academic and hard to understand, to the overly simplistic which fails to appreciate that cities are complex social, economic and environmental organisms under constant change. Launched in June 2010, Australia's Adelaide-based 5000+ is ...Read More


Backing up after our big launch, it was perfect to have the TEDx crew join us for Australia's only city to take part in the global TEDx City 2.0 event. The Integrated Design Strategy has embraced thought leadership in so many ...Read More


A truly integrated approach to city design recognises the role for culture in 'place'. So in thinking about how we design decisions for Adelaide's future, we need to understand its past. We asked local Kaurna man, Karl Telfer to help ...Read More


Almost two years in the making, Adelaide's Integrated Design Strategy reached a new milestone on Friday night with the launch of the Collaborative City exhibition at Tuxedo Cat. Opened by Deputy Premier, John Rau, the exhibition is another important means ...Read More