Source: 'Adelaide is one of the world's great small cities and an Aussie leader in future liveability', Minister Anthony Albanese MP, The Advertiser, 26 October 2012 "MEN come together in cities in order to live," Aristotle said, "but they remain there in order to ...Read More


The Collaborative City exhibition has been a chance for people to see a cross section and summary of the work that's gone in to the Integrated Design Strategy since funding was first announced in early 2010. Since we opened our ...Read More


Infrastructure is what we call the stuff that powers and supports everyday life. Schools, hospitals, roads and rail, trams and buses, airports and sea ports. But it's also our 'green' infrastructure like our parks and waterways. Increasingly, the cables, routers ...Read More


Churchill said that failing to plan was about planning to fail. Adelaide's 30 Year Plan is about making sure we don't fail to plan for the right sort of growth in to the future. And if the 30 Year Plan is ...Read More

Diversity and Urban Form Redux jez 24-9-12

The Collaborative City exhibition has been open now for just over 48 hours and already there’s a buzz. One of the 5 principles driving the Integrated Design Commission from the start has been to Inform, Engage and Educate on how design can ...Read More


5000+ is a project about city re-design and renewal for Adelaide. And while this is a unique way of thinking about Australia's urban centres, we're not the only ones with this idea. Dublin's PIVOT program parallels our own objectives. So we asked Dublin ...Read More

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Debate about cities often lurches from the overly academic and hard to understand, to the overly simplistic which fails to appreciate that cities are complex social, economic and environmental organisms under constant change. Launched in June 2010, Australia's Adelaide-based 5000+ is ...Read More


Backing up after our big launch, it was perfect to have the TEDx crew join us for Australia's only city to take part in the global TEDx City 2.0 event. The Integrated Design Strategy has embraced thought leadership in so many ...Read More


A truly integrated approach to city design recognises the role for culture in 'place'. So in thinking about how we design decisions for Adelaide's future, we need to understand its past. We asked local Kaurna man, Karl Telfer to help ...Read More


Almost two years in the making, Adelaide's Integrated Design Strategy reached a new milestone on Friday night with the launch of the Collaborative City exhibition at Tuxedo Cat. Opened by Deputy Premier, John Rau, the exhibition is another important means ...Read More

Sam Noonan. 2011

Inspired by the natural landscape, the new Adelaide Convention Centre building is the first stage of the Centre's $350 million expansion.  Work on expanding the Centre  westwards over the railway lines to link with the Morphett Street bridge begins in ...Read More

Walkable lanes of Santa Monica

In 1994, OJ Simpson's pre-trial was in full swing. Downtown, outside the Los Angeles county courthouse, thick rivers of coax cable slunk their way between temporary glowing stages and a flotilla of broadcast vans that turned carpark in to caravan ...Read More


The best cities occasionally transform themselves. Edinburgh for the Fringe. Rio de Janeiro for Carnivale. New Orleans for Mardi Gras. New York for the Marathon. This morning, Adelaide hosts the 4th Australian Cycling Conference which kick starts a fortnight of ...Read More


As city streets and highways are transformed by wave after wave of multi-coloured lycra and spinning wheels, the Integrated Design Commission SA invited Matt Stucky and Peter Drew to bring their own perspectives on Adelaide's culture of cycling.  _________________________   Cycling is a ...Read More

Pacific Rim Real Estate Conference BLOG

Some thoughts ahead of an opening address at the 18th Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Conference, Adelaide 17 January 2012. Writing on his blog last week, economist and former Gillard adviser Stephen Koukoulas declared that the construction sector in Australia was in ...Read More


It's ironic that the location chosen for a major workshop on better urban design for Australian cities was hard to find. But on Friday 20 January, Minister for Infrastructure, Anthony Albanese MP welcomed around 40 individuals from government and non ...Read More

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Back in November 2011, Dan Hill was in Adelaide to give a public lecture on the work of the world famous Helsinki Design Lab. Dan is a highly regarded leader in the international design community and a member of  IDCSA's Advisory ...Read More


Stepping inside the doors of Adelaide's Jam Factory, heat surges towards you from the ground floor glass studio. In the glare of shimmering furnaces molten baubles drip, turn and stretch. The ambient noise of the studio floor is so great ...Read More


                    It's a mantra to most of us, but it needs to be stated and restated; good design is as much about how something performs as how it looks. And despite the efforts of design advocates across the country, still the ...Read More

Roxby's typical housing form

Flying into Roxby Downs, scale is the first thing that hits you. Not only is Roxby Downs around 600km north of Adelaide but seen from the air, Roxby's remoteness in a vast desert is striking. The town centre appears from ...Read More

Liberty 4

"Greenville doesn't have a train station", a (Greenville) taxi driver assured me over the phone.  Curious since we were on a train headed for Greenville. It's an assertion repeated over the course of a weekend wedding in the city of ...Read More


  This is a piece I was asked to write for the May edition of Adelaide Review following up on a series of forums we ran in collaboration with the Dept for Education and Child Development, the new Urban Renewal Authority, ...Read More


Was Barrio a design outcome? Was it event? Theatre set? Part of the city? And are there lessons in the temporary in thinking about Adelaide’s built environment? Sure, it’s not high style design. It’s not about permanent footings or edifice. But ...Read More


Thursdays state budget brought home the reality of shifting financial circumstances for South Australia. Along with a number of difficult decisions, the Treasurer announced that the Integrated Design Commission will cease in 2013. This means the work of the Commission will ...Read More


I was asked to speak at the Art Gallery of South Australia’s SA Illustrated exhibition on the place for illustration. It seemed a great chance to explore the lost art of illustration in urban settings, and to use some contemporary ...Read More

1 Rodeo_27letters

Essay by Ian McDougall, University of Adelaide Featured in Design South Australia, published by the Integrated Design Commission SA in association with Wakefield Press.   South Australian design is at a point of considerable transformation, brought about by changes in the State’s economic ...Read More

20 5000+ IDS

Essay by Warwick Keates, WAX Design Featured in Design South Australia, published by the Integrated Design Commission SA in association with Wakefield Press. I remember coming to Australia a decade ago, having worked in the landscape profession for nearly 15 years in the ...Read More

25 Hawke Building

Essay by Jane Andrew, University of South Australia Featured in Design South Australia, published by the Integrated Design Commission SA in association with Wakefield Press. In a complex world, the environmental, social, cultural, and economic dilemmas we seek to resolve have multiple causes ...Read More

36 River Torrens Bridge

Essay by Tanya Court, University of Adelaide Featured in Design South Australia, published by the Integrated Design Commission SA in association with Wakefield Press. Considered responses to the historic and ongoing pressures of our natural and built environments form a backdrop to the ...Read More

48 University of Adelaide Plant Accelerator®

Essay by Joanne Cys and Christine Garnaut, University of South Australia Featured in Design South Australia, published by the Integrated Design Commission SA in association with Wakefield Press. Increasingly, the contribution of design to economic, social, environmental and cultural endeavour is being acknowledged ...Read More